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Solar Powering the “Power” in Power over Ethernet (PoE)

View this recorded webinar among Solarflexion, Solar System Services, and Morningstar to learn about the WAVE PoE system and its advanced, ultra-efficient technology which allows users to install and operate PoE devices in locations where electricity is either non-existent or limited. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What is PoE?

  • Required components

  • PoE loads

  • Advantages in various applications

  • Deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting

RV Caravans, Boating & Marine

Solarflexion and Solar System Services join the Morningstar Team to present off-grid solar solutions for RV Caravans, Boating, and Marine applications. View this recorded webinar to learn about:

  •  WAVE RV/Marine Kits

  •  System design

  •  Module tilting

  •  Charge controller choices

  •  Troubleshooting

  •  System maintenance

Morningstar Prostar Charge Controller

Watch this video to find out more on the advanced features that make the ProStar MPPT and PWM charge controllers both “the legend and the latest in a single product.”


Rob Rallo is the featured presenter during this webinar that was hosted by Morningstar.

Sizing Off-grid PV Systems


This webinar covers  how to build a highly reliable system that will stand the test of time, with emphasis on:


  • Load array and battery sizing calculations

  • Accounting for system losses, future expansion and worst-case scenarios

  • Choosing the right charge controller based on industry-standard IEEE 1562 recommendations Software and insolation mapping resources available to design a better system

Morningstar Relay Driver


This webinar covers advanced techniques that will let you adapt conditional logic into your off grid system with the Morningstar Relay Driver to: 

  • Control generator start and stop times

  • Get high/low voltage control alarms and alert notifications

  • Control Multi-event lighting beyond basic dusk until dawn settings

  • Reduce or even eliminate unnecessary system components

  • Prioritize loads based on need 

Solar Power Over Ethernet


This webinar, put on cooperatively with Converge PoE Texas, answers frequently asked questions on use of off grid Solar with PoE (Power over Ethernet) technologies.  

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